Peek at Paraguay #4 Travelling as a Pair

  This is the first time I have travelled with a boyfriend, learning the swings and roundabouts of someone else whilst realising a few things about my own. It is very annoying I have discovered, when someone points out 'faults' that they are guilty of all the time. It is bloody wonderful when you want... Continue Reading →

Peek at Paraguay #3 Chipa

  Bread, the most basic of food stuffs, is the perfect signature of a place whilst on the move. I sometimes find that with travelling around so much that these signatures help mark the differences in the places that I get to visit, keeping me from becoming complacent. And with Paraguay it is the use... Continue Reading →

Peek at Paraguay #2 Circus Convention

  The 8th Convention de Circo Paraguay¬†2017 in Minga Guazu was rich with talent, skill and style from all over South America and beyond. If you think how each country has is unique when it comes to food, fashion and music, imagine what happened when you rolled a bunch of circus freaks together for 6... Continue Reading →

Peek at Paraguay #1

  Dear Circus Seekers, I have just come back from a month round trip in Paraguay, a circus convention is what brought me there but as you may imagine the mission rewarded those that took it with much more. In two years of travelling in South America previously¬†I only met 1 person from Paraguay and... Continue Reading →

My Heronines are all works of fiction.

Stargirl Stargirl is the first role model I can actively remember making the choice to have. The book written by Jerry Spinelli and read in my adolescence, became part of my make-up as I modeled much of my actions navigating those strange times. Jerry Spinelli is a powerful writer who writes books aimed at the... Continue Reading →

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