I am an all hula hooping, clowning, fancy dressing storyteller from the UK and extensive traveller. I am here to perform, to learn, to create.

Colaborating with other artists and companys, I am part of two colectives, Kolectivo V and ColectivaHooperCL, have a juggling partner who I train and create with and to date have performed and given workshops all over the streets of South America. Some of the most prestiguous to date have been the National Circus and Street Art Conventions of both Paraguay and Chile. I also work as part of TripiCirco CompaƱia which started as street performances and has lead onto festivals and our very big top.
Since living here in Chile I have honed my skills and performance, exploring my creatived through the forms of workshops and conventions and shared my art in the street, in theatres, in schools and cultural spaces. I am about to return to the UK for the fist time in 3 years with my latest street show!
Read my first blog post to find out How Did I get Here?
photo thanks to Laura Zarricueta

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