Last Night I Slept In A Caravan

'It's very interesting the way that things work out, how if you leave life to run its course a little bit and accept the unknowing, you will be rewarded, doom does not nesisarily await. I am celebrating' The above I wrote just before it all went tits up. How about that. Since starting to write... Continue Reading →

Bruised Heart

I have a bruised heart today. Or maybe, that thing that I think is my heart is actually my ego. Who knows, those two seem to get thier wires crossed on a regular basis. However the Revolution is still going on strong and I am still able to drink a hot cacao looking out over... Continue Reading →

I Feel Like

I might be coming into the other side of something. It's weird. After hanging onto my relationship with Leo for so long. I mean, I really hung on in there. I was desperate not to let this guy go I mean, it took me so long for me to find him didn't it? And was... Continue Reading →

Meet the Kolective

About three months ago all of a sudden I found myelf submerged in a whatsapp group, I was travelling at the time and had little internet, inbetween signals I loosely took note of who was who, some of the names I knew thanks to participating in events and one is a close friend of mine... Continue Reading →


I have been working on a solo project for about a year now, one of the things I love about working on my own a lot is I get full creative rein on what I do, the hardships about flying solo so much however is exactly that... I'm flying solo. Motivation myself to get out... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Mujer Forzuda

After foolishly leaving my computer cable at home in the UK when my Mum created a Christmas Miracle and got me home for ten days... I decided to take it as a sign to take a break from the blog. I half said to myself when I started it a year ago that it was... Continue Reading →


(featured image: Ivan Felipe Campos Fuentes) This is an add on from the previews post Birth Of The Hummingbird, I wanted to write a bit more about my impromptu teaching experience: On the Friday, the people started to trickle in to the grounds and tents began to pop up. I grabbed a bunch of hoops... Continue Reading →

Birth Of The Hummingbird

(feature photo: IG- Thinking my days of outdoor raves were long behind me, my line of work has taken an interesting twist back to the bliss of festival vibes and free hugs. And the best bit? The festival officially requested my presence. As you may have read in the previous blog The Moon is in Pieces, all... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact…

In Chile, for official documents you have to sign in blue biro... How about that! In England it is black and I had just assumed it must be a global thing but obiously not. And the standard document size is Letter size... 8.5 by 11.0 inches, 215.9 by 279.4 millimetres. And again in my homelands it is... Continue Reading →

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