I have been working on a solo project for about a year now, one of the things I love about working on my own a lot is I get full creative rein on what I do, the hardships about flying solo so much however is exactly that... I'm flying solo. Motivation myself to get out... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Mujer Forzuda

After foolishly leaving my computer cable at home in the UK when my Mum created a Christmas Miracle and got me home for ten days... I decided to take it as a sign to take a break from the blog. I half said to myself when I started it a year ago that it was... Continue Reading →


(featured image: Ivan Felipe Campos Fuentes) This is an add on from the previews post Birth Of The Hummingbird, I wanted to write a bit more about my impromptu teaching experience: On the Friday, the people started to trickle in to the grounds and tents began to pop up. I grabbed a bunch of hoops... Continue Reading →

Birth Of The Hummingbird

(feature photo: IG- Thinking my days of outdoor raves were long behind me, my line of work has taken an interesting twist back to the bliss of festival vibes and free hugs. And the best bit? The festival officially requested my presence. As you may have read in the previous blog The Moon is in Pieces, all... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact…

In Chile, for official documents you have to sign in blue biro... How about that! In England it is black and I had just assumed it must be a global thing but obiously not. And the standard document size is Letter size... 8.5 by 11.0 inches, 215.9 by 279.4 millimetres. And again in my homelands it is... Continue Reading →

That´s well tame that mate

via Daily Prompt: Tame So in between writing my latest post and recently posting in the community pool about how to inspire readers to become followers I notice this word in the daily prompt and I am sucked away from my boyfriends house where I blog in Santiago Chile and I am slammed to 6... Continue Reading →

The Moon is in Pieces

And so I find myself yet again living in another home in Chile, this time I'm back in the capital Santiago. The difference this time is who I'm living with and it is massively upping my experience of being here. Mona and I met about two years ago in a 'Hula Bajo De La Luna'... Continue Reading →

Ring of Fire!!!

Last night was the first night I hooped with fire. I bought my bendy wicks a couple of months ago back home, however not having a huge hooping community on my doorstep unlike I have here I decided to wait before the first burn. The wicks came with a list of instructions, dos and don't... Continue Reading →

Zero Degrees

Last night I made the foolish mistake of putting my feet (in two pairs of socks) on the floor of my bedroom for all of 30 seconds before I swung my legs into bed. We'd had such a sunny and clear day, the Andes bold and reflecting the sun off her snowy sides. I took... Continue Reading →

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