The Moon is in Pieces

And so I find myself yet again living in another home in Chile, this time I'm back in the capital Santiago. The difference this time is who I'm living with and it is massively upping my experience of being here. Mona and I met about two years ago in a 'Hula Bajo De La Luna'... Continue Reading →

Ring of Fire!!!

Last night was the first night I hooped with fire. I bought my bendy wicks a couple of months ago back home, however not having a huge hooping community on my doorstep unlike I have here I decided to wait before the first burn. The wicks came with a list of instructions, dos and don't... Continue Reading →

Zero Degrees

Last night I made the foolish mistake of putting my feet (in two pairs of socks) on the floor of my bedroom for all of 30 seconds before I swung my legs into bed. We'd had such a sunny and clear day, the Andes bold and reflecting the sun off her snowy sides. I took... Continue Reading →

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