My Heronines are all works of fiction.

Stargirl Stargirl is the first role model I can actively remember making the choice to have. The book written by Jerry Spinelli and read in my adolescence, became part of my make-up as I modeled much of my actions navigating those strange times. Jerry Spinelli is a powerful writer who writes books aimed at the... Continue Reading →

My Make-Up

  Within the world of clown there exists a rule that each clown is the creator of their own make-up, it is not to be copied from another, and once discovered and painted... it is never to be changed. That is your face. My clown make-up came to me after burning my whole face with... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Going

The maleta (suitcase) is the traditional symbol of the street performer. I rescued mine, someone was filling her with rubbish assuming her worthless due to having a bust buckle, I not so calmly proclaimed that she was treasure emptying the offending articles into a bin. I filled her with my things and strapped her awkwardly to the... Continue Reading →


  To achieve a handstand, one must engage all, and I mean all of the muscles at once from top to bottom; toes pointed, calves stretched, knees together, thighs tensed, bumcheeks clenched, pelvis tiled in, abs tucked behind belly button, ribs drawn together, shoulders pushing away from the ears whilst the neck keeps them tucked... Continue Reading →

Save the Whales

  I am fortunate enough to have a greenpeace sticker on my window that says 'Yo Defendo Las Ballenas' which translates as 'I defend the whales'. Rousing from my afternoon siesta often leaves me looking at the sticker, imagining the Whales have come to land as the protectors of the sea to hold accountable those who... Continue Reading →

Back in the traffic lights

  After being out of the traffic lights for over 8 months, the return to the original Latino busking has been a rejuvenating experience. Thanks to my stocking filler of a glitzy pair of glasses (cheers mum) and a spotty dress a friend gave me, I feel like it has been a sign from the... Continue Reading →

I can’t pronounce Circus

So, probably the most entertaining thing for me as an English clown trying to make her big break in South America is this... I can't pronounce 'Circus'. Every time someone asks me what I am doing here in Chile (it is often, and accompanied by a face that says 'seriously, what the f**k are you... Continue Reading →

Circo Hoy

The go-cart man is earning his crust, the generator of the bouncy castle punctuates the air and the other side of the swings is funnel of carts selling popcorn and inflatables. Staking out our territory in the middle of the plaza, Chu puts down 'the floor', a big circular mat with a star on the... Continue Reading →

How Did I get Here?

It started in 2008 with a hula hoop exercise class, for the first time ever I was at fitness class that kept me entertained. Once the routines became too easy I started to look further afield... It wasn't long before I discovered Gems Goddard, who can only be described as one of the founding foremothers... Continue Reading →

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