Last Night I Slept In A Caravan


‘It’s very interesting the way that things work out, how if you leave life to run its course a little bit and accept the unknowing, you will be rewarded, doom does not nesisarily await.

I am celebrating’

The above I wrote just before it all went tits up. How about that. Since starting to write this post it must have been what? 11 months ago. 11 months ago I celebrated the summer of dreams in the UK and decided to continue my longterm dream of Seeking Circus in Chile. I sought circus and found pandamonium. Nothing reads right anymore, the sensitivity is bizzare and the tensions are high. And what I feel we need at the moment is a bit more peace. A bit more quiet. And time to fill it not with how great the past is but how wonderful the present moment can be and how the future is going to be brighter. The same teachings it seems crop up and become harvested into the same stories. The need for control, explanation, understanding. But how can you understand something that you can’t explain and the manual got lost a long time ago. Control goes out of the window, and that can be a scary place.

And so I continue to celebrate, becuase the circus found me! And I didn’t even realise I was hiding.

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